f-POD Intelligent Race Fuel Bowser

Component Price (Ex VAT) Quantity
f-POD Max


Anti Siphon Valves £POA
Other Capacities £POA
Safety Drum Adaptor
External Chiller Ports £POA
Bi Directional Filters 8 Micron £POA
Fuel Temperature Display & Logging £POA
Tank Insulation £POA
Total (Ex VAT): £

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Product Description


EEC Performance Systems consulted with experienced race engineers to provide software control second to none. The 7” full colour touch screen PC, combined with our inspired, step by step graphical instructions, means by using the f-POD, refuelling errors are a thing of the past.
The f-POD can run multiple drivers simultaneously, recording a data history which is available to view instantly on screen and to download via USB for further analysis. The f-POD Max is a custom build to the customers specific specifications including fuel capacity fuel output the external livery, etc


The f-POD Max employs clever routines to take into account the state of the supply hose at any time. Careful design of the delivery system prevents fuel syphoning if the hoses are left attached.
Our unique ATC system ensures the f-POD weighs your fuel accurately at any circuit in the world without the need for recalibration! 
The f-POD currently delivers and receives fuel within a repeatable accuracy of 0.05kg, which means you can be confident with your race fuel calculations.


The f-POD Max is constructed with total safety a priority.
All of the electronic components and battery are housed in a sealed steel cabinet to eliminate any possible spark risk. The pump utilises an explosion proof motor and ancillary components are ATEX approved.
The f-POD Max includes an anti-static bonding lead to keep the car and bowser at the same potential
Fuel transfer is by removable high quality hoses with Stabuli dry break connectors. The heavy duty fuel tank is totally sealed to prevent vapour loss.
The heavy duty stainless steel frame sits on the highest quality, low friction, anti-static wheels.
The f-POD Max is CE marked and meets all current directives.

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