E-POD Intelligent Fuel Timer

Price: £POA


Designed with simplicity in mind, we made sure our new E-POD Fuel Timer was easy to operate, read and review previous stored times.

The E-POD is housed in a rugged billet anodised aluminium IP66 housing and is ATEX rated. The unit is powered by 2x AAA batteries which are accessed through an O'ring sealed back panel.

The operation of the timer is totally automatic, starting and stopping accurately as the fuel nozzle is connected and disconnected from the car.

During the fuelling, the high contrast OLED display shows an ascending count in tenths of a second making the operators job child play. When the nozzle is removed from the car, the timer stops instantly and then displays the total time of the process and a calculated volume in litres.

The timer stores the last 10 timings which can be reviewed instantly at any time. There is also an option to send the fuel timings back to the garage wirelessly to a package that monitors and logs fuel time, fuel rig weight, fuel temperature, air temperature etc.

We currently have versions available for the Staubli SAF45, Krontec RFC89 and Red Head couplings.

The E-POD Fuel Timer has ATEX approval and is both UKCA & CE marked.


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