f-POD Eco Race Fuel Bowser

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EEC Performance Systems have identified the need for a ‘no frills’, entry level fuel bowser, to satisfy some of todays cost conscious race teams.
Whilst maintaining all of the safety features of senior f-POD Max and f-POD Ultra models, EEC have designed a low priced machine with very simple, intuitive controls to provide quick and efficient fuel transfer. The f-POD Eco features a large 28mm high red LED display for easy viewing.

A single push button, toggles between the ‘fuel gauge’, which displays the contents the bowsers tank and the ‘tare’ which sets the display to ‘0’ making it ready to dispense or receive fuel.
Inspired graphics prompt the operator; pressing the ‘green’ button sends fuel to the car and pressing the ‘red’ button draws fuel from the car.
Releasing the button during transfer pauses the process.

Optional 'Car Pump - Pump Out' where the f-POD Eco is equipped to receive fuel pumped out directly from the race cars fuel pump when there is no pump out provision in the cars fuel tank.


The f-POD Eco employs the highest quality weighing components. This ensures fuel delivery and reception, in and out of the bowser within a repeatable accuracy of 0.05kg, which means you can always be confident with your race fuel calculations.


The f-POD Eco is constructed with total safety a priority.
All of the electronic components and battery are housed in a sealed steel cabinet to eliminate any
possible spark risk. The pump utilises an explosion proof motor.
The ‘Push to Pump’ button, means the pump will stop immediately upon release. So, for safety, the operator must always be present.
Also includes an anti-static bonding lead to keep the car and bowser at the same potential. The heavy duty fuel tank is totally sealed in normal conditions featuring an Over/Under Pressure Relief Valve with Vapour Capture.
The substantial flight case housing sits on the highest quality, low friction, anti-static wheels.

​The f-POD Eco is UKCA & CE marked and meets all current directives.



Large 30mm Red LED Display

Push To Pump Control

30 Litre/min Explosion Proof Pump

80kg Capacity Heavy Duty Aluminium Tank (Other Capacities Available)

Internal 12VDC Rechargeable Battery

High Quality Hoses

Low Friction Anti-Static Wheels

Heavy Duty Flight Case Housing

Auxiliary Battery Socket

640w x 680d x 950h mm

Weight Empty 91kg



100kg & 145kg Capacities

Cars Pump - Pump Out

Safety Drum Adaptor

Dry Break Connectors

Padded Cover

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