f-POD Rallye Fuel Transfer System

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EEC Performance Systems has developed a self-contained, fuel batch pumping system, designed to accurately deliver repeatable amounts of fuel to your rally and race cars. The f-POD Rallye is race proven, taking the Dakar Rally in it's stride, fuelling the Prodrive Hunters for the BRX team.

The f-POD Rallye connects directly to all generic fuel drums using EEC's Safety Drum Adapter and with simple programming, the operator can pump a pre-selected volume of fuel in litres.
Ideal for teams with limited truck space, for vehicles with very large fuel tank capacities and for one make championships where identical fuel loads are required, race schools and many other applications.

Also, by reversing the hoses this makes the f-POD Rallye an effective pumping out system.
When not in use, it folds away into a compact heavy duty flight case


The f-POD flow employs the highest quality components. This ensures fuel delivery into your cars fuel cell, within a repeatable accuracy of 0.1 litre, which means you can always be confident with your race fuel calculations.


The f-POD flow is constructed with total safety a priority. All of the electronic components and battery are housed in a sealed cabinets to eliminate any possible spark risk. The pump utilises an explosion proof motor and 'dead mans' push button operation
Antistatic bonding leads are included to keep the drum, car and the f-POD Flow all at the same potential.
High quality 210 hoses which are included in our price! The system is totally sealed to prevent vapour loss.
Housed in a heavy duty flight case, the f-POD Rallye is CE & UKCA marked and meets all current directives.


Specification Includes

50 Litre/min Flow Rate

ATEX Rated Flow Meter & Pickup

Explosion Proof Pump Motor

Internal 12VDC Rechargeable Battery

High Quality 210 Specification Hoses

Heavy Duty Flight Case Housing

Auxiliary Battery Socket

Overall Dimensions 470w x 620d x 700h mm

Gross Weight 60kg


Dry Break Couplings

Safety Drum Adaptor

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