Wi-POD Intelligent Wireless Corner Weight Scales - Autosport Product Showcase Award Winners!

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EEC Performance Systems Engineers have consulted with experienced race engineers to provide an intelligent wireless corner weight scale system second to none. The 7" full colour touch screen control, combined with our inspired graphical layout, means using the Wi-POD is child’s play.

The Wi-POD can run multiple car setups, recording a data history which is available to view instantly on screen and to download via USB for further analysis and record keeping.

The Wi-POD employs the highest quality weighing and wireless components, ensuring greater accuracy over a longer range to its competitors. Each corner has a maximum capacity of 800kg to an accuracy of 200g. Our unique Automatic Track Compensation (ATC) system ensures the Wi-POD weighs your vehicle accurately at any circuit in the world without the need for local recalibration.

Each corner scale is machined from a solid billet of 6061 grade aluminium with a bead blasted and anodised finish. The 150mm long adjustable stainless steel feet run in aircraft industry steel 'Keensert' threaded inserts to ensure long life. Power is from 2 x AA drycell batteries per corner.

The indicator is housed in a rugged waterproof case and is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery which gives around 8 hours life between charges. The battery features short circuit protection and has a rating of less than 100Whr which makes it suitable for air freight. A global charger is included to recharge the battery and to power the indicator if the battery is flat.

Available options include a custom flightcase to store and transport the Wi-POD system.

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