E-POD Wireless Endurance Fuel Rig System

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EEC Performance Systems have developed a completely wireless endurance fuel rig monitoring and logging system.

The E-POD System is completely modular, which means you only buy the items you require, with the option to buy other modules in the future.


All modules are completely wireless & currently include:

Fuel Rig Scales to monitor and record Fuel Weight

Fuel Timer to monitor and record Fuel Time and a calculated Fuel Volume

Fuel Temperature

Ambient Air Temperature

If you already have rig scales, we can supply an A/D Module to covert them to wireless for you!

The modules report back to a 15” Full Colour Touch Screen display, designed to be mounted into your garage walling, adjacent to the fuel rig.

The screen displays the current weight of fuel in the rig tank as well as fuel and air temperature. It also shows a comprehensive record of the last fuelling stop.

The logging is a semi automatic procedure, initiated with the press of one button to record the fuel weight before fuelling and then completed with the press of another button to confirm the end of the process.

There is also a simple procedure to record the amount of any fuel in the vent hose.


The system also records the location, car, date and time each fuelling stop.

Unlimited fuelling stops are recorded in an internal totals database which can be displayed or downloaded any time.

All data can be viewed remotely at the Engineers Desk.


The E-POD System utilises our track proven ATC system, which automatically compensates for any weight variation at whatever race circuit you are in the world.

Also, there is a simple zero calibration routine available to the operator to ensure that each time the rig is assembled

and empty of fuel a true zero can be achieved.





























Specification Includes

Large 15” Full Colour Display

Touch Screen Keyboard

remote data access

Switchable Units kg/lbs - ’C/’F

IP66 Front Panel

Heavy Duty Aluminium Construction



Wireless Fuel Rig Scale

Wireless Automatic Fuel Timer

Wireless Fuel Temperature

Wireless Ambient Air Temperature

Powerful 2.4GHz Transmitters

Typical battery life: 7-21 days


(See individual Modules for their Specifications)



Wireless Rig Scale Adaptor

Custom Sensors


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